Animal/Sheep Husbandry

    Brief information about the department of Animal/Sheep Husbandry

    The department of Animal & Sheep Husbandry caters veterinary services in Ladakh. It’s engaged in the wellbeing of animals by providing preventive and therapeutic veterinary health care to livestock apart from the improvement and conservation of genetic resources of some unique breeds of livestock namely Changthangi goat, Double Humped Camel, Yaks, Zanskari horses & Ladakhi cattle.

    Genetic up gradation through cross breeding programme with Karakul & Russian merino sheep & Jersey cattle are being carried out by the department.

    The Department provides health coverage to 84201 No’s of Cattle Population, 20302 Yak population, 5.69 Lacs Sheep/goat population, 9990 equines/donkey,298 camelsthrough 145 animal health centers and 117 Sheep extensioncenter across UT Ladakh.

    The various departmental farms apart from conservation, also serve as center for disseminating on spot farm demonstration to farmers.

    The department manages various farms across Ladakh. Presently there are one Double Humped Camel farm,Two Yak Breeding farms,Two Zanskari Equine Breeding Farms, 03 Poultry farms, Three Cattle farms, Three Pashmina Goat farms, One Karakul sheep farm, Two Merino sheep farms& One Angora farms.

    The department plays a vital role in the livelihood and income generation of people of the region. The animal sector apart from the livelihood, contributes towards the health and nutritional security of the people by providing organic products in the form of milk, meat, egg and in textile sector through wool and fine fibers like Pashmina/yak & camel wool.

    The annual milkproduction of Ladakh is 26935.09 MT, Wool is 221.02MT, world finest Pashmina production of about 55.06 MT &Mutton 9596.77 Qtls

    The department has also been actively involved the mitigation of stray dog population in Ladakh by conducting animal birth control and anti-rabies programme.


    Fisheries department, Ladakh

    UT Ladakh is bestowed with vast water resources in the form of Rivers, Lakes, Streams and spring water from which fish can be produced profitably.  Fisheries play a major role in respect of human nutrition and providing employment to unemployed youths of the region and Fisheries related recreational tourism. Development of aquaculture can generate considerable employment opportunities in Ladakh region by production and marketing of fishes.

    The department manages 10 fish farms across Ladakh where rainbow trout fish are reared and supplied to public.   Breeding of rainbowtroutscarried out at fish farm, Nubra&Chushod of Leh district and at Damnsa Fish Farm located in Kargil. Hatcheries are under construction at fish farm Chuchot (Leh) and fish farm Damnsa (Kargil).  The annual fish production of Ladakh is about 35.50 tonnes



    Animal/sheep Husbandry department

    1. Provision of veterinary health care
    2. Conservation and improvement of animal genetic resources for enhancement of productivity.
    3. Prevention and control of diseases inanimal
    4. Livestock Management and Nutritional security
    5. Extension work, to encourage farmers and youths towards sustainable livestock sector for livelihood
    6. Value addition of livestock products like milk, meat, wool & Pashmina/yak/camel fibers.

    Fisheries Department

    1. To generate employment to the unemployed youths
    2. To provide quality protein rich fish food to the local and tourists.
    3. To provide fresh and healthy fish to the consumers right from the fish farms
    4. To promote fish farming among the locals in far flung areas
    5. To promote tourism through recreational Fisheries
    6. To protect and safe guard fish fauna of Ladakh
    7. Survey & investigation of open water bodies to enhance tourism and capture/culture Fisheries

    Secretariat Level



    Name of the officer /official Designation Contact No. Email ID


    1. Sh. Ravinder Kumar, IAS Secretary, Animal/ Sheep Husbandry & Fisheries Department UT. Ladakh 9469112000 Secretariat UT Ladakh, Leh
    2. Dr. Tara Chand OSD to Administrative Secretary, Animal/ Sheep Husbandry & Fisheries Department UT. Ladakh 9419131950 Secretariat UT Ladakh, Leh


    Directorate Level

    1 Dr. Mohammad Raza Director, Animal/Sheep Husbandry Fisheries Department UT Ladakh 9419176599 Animal Husbandry Complex, opposite All India Radio Station, Leh
    2. Dr.TsewangDorjey TO toDirector, Animal/Sheep HusbandryFisheries Department UT Ladakh 9469650716 Animal Husbandry Complex, opposite All India Radio Station, Leh

    Leh District

    1. Dr. Mohd Iqbal Chief Animal Husbandry Officer 9797486663 Opposite All India Radio Station, Leh
    2. Dr. TundupNamgail District Sheep Husbandry Officer 9596957059 Near Polo ground, Leh.


    Sh. Mohd Amin Lone Assistant Director, Fisheries 9419342851, 8494018241 Housing Colony, Near SECMOL Office.


    Kargil district



    Name of the officer /official Designation Contact No. Email ID


    1. Dr. Mohd Ismail Chief Animal Husbandry Officer 8492972519/

    9419218768 Satellite Colony, Kargil
    2 Dr Iftikhar Hussain District Sheep Husbandry Officer 9419176118 Near Boys Hr. Sec. School , Baroo
    3 Sh. Murtaza Ali Assistant Director, Fisheries 9622338625 Inqalab Manzil ( Qatalgah Kargil)


    S.No Name of the officer/Official Designation Designated as


    Contact No. Email ID
    I) UT Level        
    1. Sh. Ravinder Kumar, IAS Secretary, Animal/ Sheep Husbandry & Fisheries Department UT. Ladakh First Appellate Authority (FAA) 9469112000
    2. Dr. Tara Chand Joint Director (OSD) PIO 9419131950
    II) Division Level
    1. Dr. Fida Hussain Deputy Director


    PIO 7006374386
    2. Dr. Tsewang Dorjay Technical Officer

    To Director

    APIO 9469650716
    III) District Level
    A) Animal Husbandry Department, Leh
    1. Dr. Stanzin Rabgias Disease



    PIO 9419178254
    2. Dr. Shakil Ahmad Livestock Dev.


    APIO 9419177079
    B) Animal Husbandry Department, Kargil
    1. Dr. Gulzar Hussain LDO, Kargil PIO 8494008483
    2. Dr. Zakir Hussain VAS, Kargil APIO 6005735816
    C) Sheep Husbandry Department, Leh
    3. Dr. TundupNamgail District Sheep Husbandry

    Officer, Leh

    PIO 9419658599
    4 Dr. Nasreen Fatima Technical Officer

    to DSHO, Leh

    APIO 7006452812


    D) Sheep Husbandry Department, Kargil
    1. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain District Sheep Husbandry

    Officer, Kargil

    PIO 9419176118
    2. Dr. Zakir Husain Block Veterinary Officer APIO 9419818947
    E) Assistant Director, Fisheries, Leh
    1 Sh.Mohd Amin Lone Assistant


    PIO 9419342851
    2 Sh. Asgar Ali Section Officer APIO 6005637501
    F) Assistant Director, Fisheries, Kargil
    1 Sh. Murtaza Ali Assistant


    PIO 9622338625

    2 Sh.Mohd Baqir Fisheries Development


    APIO 9467735073

    Centrally Sponsored Schemes
    S.No Schemes Procedures for taking benefits  of various schemes
    1 Livestock Health & Disease Control Programme  (LH&DCP) 1.      Free Vaccination Programme against FMD and Brucellosis

    2.      Control of other major diseases under ASCAD Schemes.

    3.      Veterinary Health care facilities through provision of Mobile Veterinary Units(MVUs)

    2 Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP) Genetic Improvement through Artificial Insemination
    3 Integrated Sample Survey (ISS) Annual estimation of major livestock production like meat, egg, wool and milk
    4 Kissan Credit Card(KCC) Provision of loan to farmer rearing livestock /fisheries
    5 Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM) Breed improvement, upgrade none described cattle to enhance milk productivity.
    6 National Livestock Mission (NLM) Entrepreneurship Development & Genetic Improvement
    7 Pradhan Mantri Matsya SampadaYojna(PMMSY) Fisheries Development by setting up trout unit and distribution of inputs
    State Sponsored Scheme
    1 State Capex
    2 District Capex
    Special Dev:Pacakge (SDP)
    S.No Subject Status
    1 Disclosure of Information under Right to Information Act – 2005 Section 4(1)(b) Click Here To View