Labour Department


    India is a democratic socialistic republic constituted for the welfare of its people and is also committed to making working class as bedrock for consolidating the republic. The Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh as a constituent of republic is committed to the welfare of the working class and to the empowerment of the Labourers to enable them to play their role in the institution building of the state. It is with these ideals in view that the Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh all set to adopt the four Labour Codes which take care of regulatory mechanisms for implementation of these laws and social security measures to improve socio-economic conditions of the working class. These welfare measures include Provident fund, Medical insurance, a package of Welfare schemes for building and construction workers, Rehabilitation of Child Laborers and Bonded laborers, conciliation between employees and employers in case of a dispute etc.

    The primary responsibility of implementation of the legislation vests with the department of Labour headed by Deputy Labour Commissioner and having Assistant Labour Commissioners at district level. The mandate of the department includes ensuring:-

    • Compensation to workers for injury or death in course of employment and out of employment.
    • Payment of wages gratuity, bonus, maternity benefits, Health insurance and provident fund.
    • Settlement of disputes of workers with employers.
    • Health Safety and other welfare measures of the workers.
    • Improving working conditions and ensuring safe and congenial atmosphere at workplace.
    • Regulating working conditions.
    • A special measure for the welfare of building construction workers regulating trade unions by registering the union’s employees ensuring safety of workers by implementing Factory Act and Labour Act, Abolishing Bonded Labour wherever it exists in any form and manifestation implementing the child labour to ensure that no child is implicated in hazardous works.

    All these measures are taken under various legislations enlisted along with their features.

    At the UT level, the department is headed by the Deputy Labour commissioner and Assistant Labour commissioners respectively are functioning as districts heads of the department.


    • Ensuring good relationship between employer and employee through settlement of disputes, implementation of guaranteed benefits and rights to workmen employed in establishments and factories stipulated under the various labour laws.
    • Eradication of child labour in hazardous process industries and mainstreaming of all forms of child laborers into formal education to children of 9-14 years of age and rehabilitation of bonded laborers.
    • Ensuring registration, licensing and renewal of the shops & commercial establishments and contractors under various labour laws.
    • Ensuring protection of rights and benefits to the workmen guaranteed under various labour laws.
    • To provide immediate assistance to the beneficiary in case of an accident, to give financial assistance for education of the children of the construction workers, to give medical expenses for the treatment of serious sickness of construction workers under the different schemes of Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.


    1. To cover constantly strive and integrate the efforts of various departments engaged in skilling the youth of Union Territory of Ladakh.
    2. To bring necessary scale, synergy, oversight and effective coordination in the implementation of various Skill development schemes.
    3. To improve the quality of Training, Staff and Infrastructure of Government ITIs and Polytechnics.
    4. To facilitate the development of entrepreneurs.
    5. To provide the best possible technical education facilities for training of youth in job relevant sectors.
    6. To Promoting research and development in Institutions so as to inculcate Entrepreneurial culture.




    Name Designation Email
    1. Mr. Kacho Mehboob Ali Khan Secretary    
    1 Mr. Shakeel  Ahmad Deputy Labour  Commissioner
    2 Mr Musharaf Ali Haf OSD
    3 Ms. Raziya Khatoon Assistant Labour  Commissioner Kargil
    4 Mr. Delex  namgyal Assistant Labour Commissioner Leh
    4 Mr. Tsering Phunchok Labour Officer Leh 9906988220




    1. Awareness among Labourers about different Labour Acts:-

    The Department has conducting various awareness camp at farflung areas of Leh district to educate the general public specially the labour community about the different welfare Acts in case of non-payment of wages by the employees, compensation to the deceased labour and their dependents and different assistance under the board for the labourers and their childrens. till now the department has conducted many such awareness camps in all villages of Nubra, Nyoma, Durbuk and Sham side of Leh district.

    1. Registration of unorganised workers on E-Shram portal:-

    The department has conducted registration camps at Durbuk, Nubra, Nyoma and Kahltsi for easy access to the labourers for registration under E-Shram, as on date 9058 Nos of unorganised workers have been registered under the scheme.


    1. To Aware the public specially Labour Comminute this department organize awareness camp at farflung village of Zanskar , Drass , shaker-Chicktan  and sankoo

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