Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Department

    The Rural Development Department in the UT of Ladakh is playing a vital role for poverty alleviation and providing rural infrastructures. The Department implement the most prestigious scheme Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), which provides 100 days guaranteed manual employment to every eligible household in a year.Under State Sector (Capex), the department besides other activities is providing all weather road connectivity to every villages/hamletand also sustainable approach paths by fixing of interlocking tiles.

    Public libraries for every Gram Panchayat have been/are being provided under the State Sector Capex Budget. Procurement of books for competitive exams, General Knowledge, Catalogues and brochures are underway.Public Park and Public Sarais have been constructed under the scheme. Rural Development Department provides village Solar Street Lights for which ₹440.00 lakh have been approved in the Annual Action Plan, 2022-23.Under Special Development Package (SDP) the department has constructed office buildings for the Chairperson, Block Development Councils, Sarpanches and Block Development Officers with provision of drinking water facilities and electricity facilities in all these buildings.As a part of all round development and to meet out the demand of the local inhabitants, construction of Common Facilities Centre (CFCs), marriage hall, community hall, ice hockey rinks, playfield, Solid Waste Management Unit, irrigation khuls, tanks have been constructed under Special Development Plan.Further, the department is actively implementing a series of schemes under District Plan and other departmental schemes for betterment of rural population.


    Completion of ongoing schemes and focusing the left-out village in the developmental spheres is the top priority of the department.

    The Government of India is signatory and committed towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and taking forward the UN Global Agenda 2030 of inclusive development. Further, taking India’s commitment seriously and transform this Global Concept into Local Context and Practices, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MoPR) adopted nine thematic approaches by grouping together 17 SDGs to localize Sustainable Development Goals (LSDGs) through Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) at the grassroot level by 2030 in a mission mode. The nine themes are as under: –


    1. Poverty free & enhancing livelihoods village
    2. Healthy village
    3. Child friendly village
    4. Water sufficient village
    5. Clean and Green village
    6. Self-sufficient infrastructure in Village
    7. Socially secured village
    8. Village with good governance and
    9. Engendered development in village.
    S.No Name Designation Contact No. e-mail
    1. Sh. Saugat Biswas, IAS Commissioner/Secretary 9419165917
    2. Sh. Tahir Hussain Director 9541677752
    3. Sh. Manoj Kumar, JKAS Deputy Secretary 9469611656
    4. Sh. Sonam Norboo, JKAS Assistant Commissioner Development, Leh 9484252029
    5. Sh. Ghulam Mohammad, JKAS Assistant Commissioner Development, Kargil 9469736743
    6. Ms. Padma Angmo, JKAS District Panchayat Officer, Kargil 7051331194


    7. Sh. Sarwar Shehzad, JKAS (Addl. Charge) District Panchayat Officer, Leh 8491813737
    8. Haji Abass Ali Executive Engineer, Rural Engineering Wing, Leh. 9419821100
    9. Sh. Shabir Hussain Executive Engineer, Rural Engineering Wing, Kargil. 9419176156
    10. Sh. Zakir Hussain AEE, REW, Leh 7889382509
    11. Sh. Mohammad Yousuf AEE, REW, Kargil 7780893336
    12. Sh. Tsering Angchuk Block Development Officer, Leh 9469512708
    13. Sh. Sarwar Shahzad Block Development Officer, Nimoo 8491813737
    14. Sh. Sarwar Shahzad (Addl. Charge) Block Development Officer, Saspol 8491813737
    15. Sh. Virinder Kumar Block Development Officer, Khaltsi 7889852353
    16. Sh. Tsewang Norboo Block Development Officer, Skurbuchan 6005524988
    17. Sh. Virinder Kumar (Addl. Charge) Block Development Officer, Singaylalok 7889852353
    18. Sh. TsetanDorjay Block Development Officer, Chuchot 9469362975
    19. Sh. Tsering Wangchuk (Addl. Charge) Block Development Officer, Thiksay 9469512708
    20. Sh. Ghulam Mohammad Block Development Officer, Kharu 9797306609
    21. Sh. JigmentAngchuk Block Development Officer, Rong-Chumathang 9797646585
    22. Sh. Ghulam Hassan (Addl. Charge) Block Development Officer, Rupsho-Puga 9419872527
    23. Ghulam Hassan Block Development Officer, Nyoma 9419872527
    24. Sh. RigzenDorjay Block Development Officer, Durbuk 9469461094
    25. Sh. Tsering Namgyal Block Development Officer, Diskit 9469188966
    26. Sh. Gurjeet Singh Block Development Officer, Turtuk 9419159079
    27. Sh. DorjayGyalson Block Development Officer, Panamik 9987188030
    28. Ms. Sameena Khatoon Block Development Officer, Kargil 8492097051
    29. Sh. Mukhtar Ali Block Development Officer, Sodh 9797694430
    30. Sh. Ghulam Rasool Block Development Officer, Drass 8080576915
    31. Sh. Ghulam Rasool(Addl Charge) Block Development Officer, Bhimbat 8080576915
    32. Dr. Ghulam Mehdi, BVSc (Addl Charge Block Development Officer, Shargole 9622676006
    33. Sh. Liyaqat Ali Block Development Officer, Pashkum 9469049827
    34. Dr. Ghulam Mehdi, BVSc (Addl Charge) Block Development Officer, Lotchum 9622676006
    35. Sh. Ali Akbar Block Development Officer, Shakarchiktan 9797039202
    36. Sh. Asgar Ali Block Development Officer, TSG 6006195236
    37. Sh. Kaneez Fatima Block Development Officer, Sankoo 7051142499
    38. Sh. Rajesh Padha Block Development Officer, Barsoo 8493877883
    39. Sh. Yasir Hussain Wani Block Development Officer, Taisuru 9596886096
    40. Sh. Tsewang Rigzen Block Development Officer, Zanskar 9149595137 bdozanskar
    41. Sh. Tsewang Rigzen (Addl. Charge) Block Development Officer, Lungnak 9149595137
    42. Sh. Tsewang Rigzen(Addl. Charge) Block Development Officer, Karsha 9149595137
    • District Level offices:

    1.Assistant Commissioner Development, Leh.

    1. Assistant Commissioner Development, Kargil.
    2. District Panchayat Officer, Leh.
    3. District Panchayat Officer, Kargil.
    4. Executive Engineer, Rural Engineering Wing (REW), Leh.
    5. Executive Engineer, Rural Engineering Wing (REW), Kargil.


    • Block Level offices:


    S.No Name of the Block
    1. BDO, Kargil
    2. BDO,Sodh
    3. BDO,Drass
    4. BDO,Bhimbat
    5. BDO,Shargole
    6. BDO, Pashkum
    7. BDO,Lotchum
    8. BDO,Shakarchiktan
    9. BDO,TSG
    10. BDO,Sankoo
    11. BDO,Barsoo
    12. BDO,Taisuru
    13. BDO,Zanskar
    14. BDO,Lungnak
    15. BDO,Karsha
    16. BDO,Leh
    17. BDO,Nimoo
    18. BDO,Saspol
    19. BDO,Khaltsi
    20. BDO,Skurbuchan
    21. BDO,Singaylalok
    22. BDO,Chuchot
    23. BDO,Thiksay
    24. BDO,Kharu
    25. BDO,Rong-Chumathang
    26. BDO,Rupsho-Puga
    27. BDO,Nyoma
    28. BDO,Durbuk
    29. BDO,Diskit
    30. BDO,Turtuk
    31. BDO,Panamik


    • Subordinate office

    Director, Rural Development

    Assistant Commissioner Development, Leh

    Assistant Commissioner Development, Kargil

    District Panchayat Officer, Leh

    District panchayat Officer, Kargil

    Executive Engineer, REW, Leh

    Executive Engineer, REW, Kargil

    Block Development offices

    S.No Name of officer Designation Nominated For the office of Mobile No.
    1. Sh. Saugat Biswas, IAS Commissioner/ Secretary First appellate authority Commissioner/ Secretary, Rural Dev. & PR Department 9419165917
    2. Sh. Manoj Kumar, JKAS Deputy Secretary Public Information Officer Commissioner/ Secretary, Rural Dev. & PR Department 9469611656
    S.No Name of the Officer Designation Phone No.
    1. Sh. Saugat Biswas, IAS Commissioner/Secretary 01982-255567,



    2. Sh. Tahir Hussain Director, Rural Development 9541677752
    3. Sh. Sonam Norbo, JKAS Assistant Commissioner Development, Leh 9484252029
    4. Sh. Ghulam Mohd, JKAS Assistant Commissioner Development, Kargil 9469736743
    5. Sh. Sarwar Shehzad, JKAS District Panchayat Officer, Leh 8491813737
    6. Ms. Padma Angmo, JKAS District Panchayat Officer, Kargil 7051331194
    7. Sh. Abas Ali Executive Engineer, REW, Leh 9419821100
    8. Sh. Shabir Hussain Executive Engineer, REW, Kargil 9419176156