Transport Department

    Enabling people of the UT to avail safe, efficient and affordable transport services with enhanced connectivity commensurate with the socio-eco development of the UT. The Transport Department is charged with the responsibility of looking after the functioning ofMotor Vehicle Department, UT Ladakh, UT Motor Garages and J&K Road Transport Corporation. The department of Transport has a clear vision of providing quality services in the area of transport to the citizens of all the geographical locations at a reasonable and affordable cost and for this the department has adopted policies/programmes commensurate with the needs in various sectors of the economy. The department is making all efforts to improve the road safety and ensuring that only trained drivers and mechanically fit vehicles ply on the roads thus minimizing any chance of a road accident and pollution. The department is also keeping an eye on the increasing fare at which the private transporters tend to run commercial vehicles and for this State Transport Authority is saddled with the responsibility of fare fixation periodically in consultation with public representatives and private vehicle owners and thereby exercise control on otherwise demands for exorbitant increase in the bus fares.

    Functions of Motor Vehicles Department:

    The department is charged with the responsibility of administering of Motor Vehicles Act through regulatory and enforcement mechanism. Motor Vehicles Department deals with the following main subject: –

    Functions of Commissioner/Secretary, Transport Department.

    1. To implement and administer the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and Ladakh e-vehicle Policy 2022.
    2. To act as State Transport Authority to coordinate and regulate the activities of the Regional Transport Authority.
    3. Coordinate Road Safety Measures.
    4. Fixation of fare and freight

    Functions of Regional Transport Officer:

    There is one Regional Transport Officer in UT Ladakh

    1. To monitor & regulate all the activities of transport services, registration of vehicles, issuance of Driving Licenses,Permits of different types, Registration of Motor and Goods Transport Companies etc.
    2. To act as an agency for collection of transport taxes like road tax, licenses permit fees and fines etc.
    3. To act as controlling officers over the ARTOs of the UT.
    4. To monitor and exercise control over the transport services in their respective jurisdiction.
    5. To act as member secretary to the State Transport Authority for regulating transport by issuance of permits.
    6. To act as Registration Authority for registration of vehicles.
    7. To act as Licensing Authorities for issuance of Driving Licences.
    8. To Act as Licensing Authorities for issuance of Licence to Driving Schools
    9. To act as Registering Authority for grant of Trade Certificates to Motor Vehicles dealers
    10. To conduct survey of new routes and fix time table and trips for different passenger services in the region
    11. To conduct surprise inspections to check violations of Motor Vehicle Act
    12. To collect token tax (Road Tax) and various fees prescribed in the Act & Rules
    13. Introduction of New Type of Vehicles in the Transport System of J&K State
    14. Grant/renewal of permits and registration certificates
    15. Issue/renewal of driving licenses
    16. Registration of Pollution Checking Centers
    17. Issue/renewal of fitness certificates in respect of commercial/non-commercial vehicles.
    18. Grant of conductor’s license.
    S.No Name Designation Contact No. e-mail
    1. Sh. Saugat Biswas, IAS Commissioner/Secretary 9419165917
    2. Sh. Tsering Paldan, JKAS Regional Transport Officer 9797043979
    3. Sh. Inzar Ahmad Ran, JKAS Assistant Regional Transport Officer, Leh 7780869493
    4. Sh. Khadim Hussain I/c Assistant Regional Transport Officer, Kargil 6005447783
    S.No Name of officer Designation Nominated For the office of Mobile No.
    1. Sh. Saugat Biswas, IAS Commissioner/ Secretary First appellate authority Commissioner/ Secretary, Transport department 9419165917
    2. Sh. Manoj Kumar, JKAS Deputy Secretary Public Information Officer Commissioner/ Secretary, Transport department 9469611656


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    Following are the Guidelines for Road Users

    Road Traffic Accidents, Causes & Preventions

    Types of Road Accidents:

    • Longitudinal – Collision Accidents.
    • Transversal -Collision Accidents.
    • Skid-on-Road Accidents.

    Causes of Road Traffic Accidents:

    • Error of Driver.
    • Surrogate driving.
    • Over-loading/Over-speeding.
    • Absence of traffic control devices.
    • Absence of traffic police personal for regulation of traffic on important & crucial junctions.
    • Absence of parapet walls, crash barriers, road signs etc.
    • Poor road engineering and Bad Road conditions.

    Prevention of Road Traffic Accidents:

    • Ban on use of Mobile phones while driving a vehicle.
    • Use of seat belts & protective headgears (Helmets).
    • Establishment of authorized service stations in rural/hilly areas.
    • Regulation of services on effective time table to avoid missing of services.
    • Checking of over-loading/over-speeding and other violations and strict enforcement of traffic laws.
    • Organizing of Road safety programmes by involving District Administration, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Transport association and Drivers etc.
    • Entrusting of Investigation & Prosecution of road accidents by Traffic Police and strict action against delinquent responsible traffic personal

    Road Traffic Accident Management:

    • Establishment of Trauma units.
    • Establishment of call help centre.
    • Establishment of Quick Rescue Teams (QRTs).
    • Creation of Passenger Welfare Fund/Corpus Fund.
    • Constitution of Road Safety Councils.