Revenue Department


    In order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority and to empower the citizens to secure access to information under the control of  each authority, the Government of India have enacted ‘The Right to Information (Amendment) Act, 2019’, (RTI). In accordance with the provisions of section 4(1) (b) of this Act, the office of the Deputy Commissioner/CEO, LAHDC, Leh Union Territory of Ladakh has brought out this handbook for information and guidance of the general public.

    The handbook provides an overall view of DC office, Leh its functions and duties of its officers and employees and records, composition, organizational structure etc.

    This office is headed by a Deputy Commissioner/CEO, LAHDC, Leh assisted by Additional Deputy Commissioner, Leh, Assistant Commissioner, (Rev), Leh, Chief Planning Officer, Leh, Headquarter Assistant, Account Officer and officials staff and has designated at the following one CPIO, and one CAPIO to government as its Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Central Assistant Public Information Officer (CAPIO) for matters concerning of this office. The telephone numbers of the CPIO/CAPIO are mentioned against their name and sections assigned to them. Any person requiring any information under the Act may contact the concerned officers to this office.


         Objectives/purpose of the public authority:

    The Deputy Commissioner is the head of the Revenue department in the District and is also called the Collector under Land Revenue Act. It is under his supervision and guidance all the revenue records of the District are compiled and updated from time to time as per the relevant rules.

    The Deputy Commissioner is responsible for implementing state government’s programmes and policies at the grassroots level and collecting information regarding the needs and facilities to be provided to the general public, their difficulties and redressal etc. and making the government aware of these. The Deputy Commissioner also acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC).

    The Deputy Commissioner being the District Magistrate is responsible for maintaining the law and order situation in the district. In times of any natural calamity like floods, locusts, drought, storm etc, the Deputy Commissioner is the primary relief agency he is designated as Chairman of District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA). During the occurrence of natural calamities or during internal or external disturbance, the Deputy Commissioner calls for military assistance and co-ordinates the efforts of the civil-military administration. There are number of other officers at the district headquarters such as Additional Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner Revenue, Chief Planning Officer, etc. for the assistance of the Deputy Commissioner to carry out the workings of the district administration. At the sub Divisional level, the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is responsible for the administration who is assisted by the Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, Block Development Officer, Qanungos, Patwaris and other officials. In fact more than being an officer, the Deputy Commissioner is actually an institution itself, under whose governance democracy reaches every nook and corner of the district. The Deputy Commissioner is designated as District Election Officer and the elections are conducted under his /her supervision.


               Mission/Vision Statement of the Public Authority:

     “To ensure a simple, moral accountable, responsive and transparent system of administration leading to overall inclusive development of Leh district”.

               Duties of the Public Authority-DC Office, Leh:

    • To prepare the annual plan.
    • To accord administrative approval other than PWD Department.
    • To make progress report on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
    • To conduct annual plan meeting.

                 Main Activities/Function of the Public Authority:

    • Plays an active role in all development activities in the district under programmes such as MP Local Area dev Fund and Plan Funds.
    • Formulation of Annual Plan.
    • Preparation of progress reports on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
    • Keep an account of centrally sponsored schemes and providing state matching share.
    • Conduct a General Counsel Meeting/ Annual Plan Meetings.
    • Collection of plan related data from various head of departments through its planning cells in the concerned departments
    • Maintain active liaison with LAHDC Leh and the UT Administration of Ladakh.

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    • Deputy Commissioner/CEO, LAHDC, Leh

     Administrative power:- Deputy Commissioner is vested with the powers of the District Magistrate, District Collector and Chief Executive Officer of LAHDC. As District Magistrate, he is responsible for maintenance of law & order in the district assisted by the Superintendent of Police and number of Executive Magistrates under him. As District Collector, the Deputy Commissioner heads the district revenue organization which is responsible for collection of land revenue, maintenance of revenue records and implemented of various revenue law like agrarian reforms Act. Revenue Act, Tenancy Act etc.

    As the CEO of LAHDC, the Deputy Commissioner is responsible for preparing the annual plan with the help of the district heads which after consolidated is presented in the general council meeting. The annual district plan is approved by the general council as per the LAHDC act. The Deputy Commissioner/ CEO ensures the implementation of the plan.

    The Deputy Commissioner is the chairman of the District Management Authority and District crisis management group for dealing with disaster and cri is in the district. The deputy Commissioner is the district election officer.The Deputy Commissioner is also Chairman LAHDC-SSRB in recruitment of District cadre post allocated under his control.


    • The Deputy Commissioner is the chief revenue officer and as district collector is responsible for collection of revenues and other govt. Dues recoverable as arrears of land revenue.
    • The Deputy Commissioner being the Chief Executive officer of LAHDC, under section 40(2) of LAHDC Act, Leh has a power to transfer Govt employees after prior approval of the executive council and can take necessary action against the employees posted in Leh district (as all the Govt employees except the judicial and police shall be deemed to be transferred to the LAHDC-Leh.
    • He is also overall in charge of the planning & development section.
    • Monitoring inspection and supervision of the performance of the various schemes and programmers.
    • Conduct of review meeting for assessing the performance of the schemes, taking corrective actions and submission of reports to the higher authorities.
    • To accord administrative approval for capex Plan.
    • He is the CEO of LAHDC Leh and as the CEO of LAHDC implements they decisions of LAHDC, Leh
    • Acts as District Magistrate and is responsible for maintenance of law and order within the District.
    • Acts as District Development Commissioner to oversee the developmet activities in the District under various Central/State schemes.


    Additional Deputy Commissioner, Leh 


    • Additional District Magistrate maintains law and order within the district.
    • Disposed off all the revenue related cases referred to him/her.
    • Deals with the Disaster/ Relief related matters as under District Disaster Management Authority being a Chief Executive Officer, DDMA, Leh.
    • Deals with court cases.
    • Departmental enquiries.
    • He/she is district census officer 2022 in the district
    • Maintains national population register.
    • He/she is designated as CPIO under RTI act 2005..
    • Act as District Vigilance Officer, deals with complaints and submits enquiry report before the State Vigilance Commission.
    • He/ she is a designated a Regional Survey and Land Record Officer and supervisor the work/digitalization of records under DILRMP.
    • He/ she is the Registrar of Documents under Central Registration Act.


    Chief Planning Officer:-

    He is the officer in- incharge of the Planning section and scrutinizes the planning & development matters submitted by the various departments and also provide assistance to the Deputy Commissioner/ CEO LAHDC Leh.


    • Provides advice on planning matters as may be referrers to him by the Deputy Commissioner or any other officer.
    • Reports matters to the Deputy Commissioner / CEO LAHDC Leh or further orders.
    • Monitors various plan related during formulation of annual plan.
    • He also maintains Liaison with all district officers regarding collection of information and preparation of annual district plan.

    Assistant Commissioner Revenue (ACR)

    The ACR is a revenue officer and assists the Deputy Commissioner in all the Revenues related matters and is also designated as Additional District Magistrate and it is his responsibility to guide/ brief the deputy Commissioner regarding all the revenue related matters.


    • The ACR deals with all the revenue related matter of the district.
    • The ACR is designated as sub registrar to register the various documents.
    • The ACR disposed of the revenue cases within his jurisdiction or one refer to higher revenue officer.
    • It is also his responsibility to maintain law and order being the additional district magistrate.
    • It is through his office all that monthly report pertain the revenue department are received and compiled and to submit the same to the higher authority on monthly basis.



    Central Public Information Officer/Central Assistant Public Information Officer

    S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
    1 Shri Sonam Chosjor Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Leh 01982252049
    2 Shri Shabir Hussain Assistant Commissioner, (Revenue) Leh 01982257415


    First Appellate Authority

    S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
    1 Shri. Shrikant Balasaheb Suse IAS Deputy Commissioner/CEO, LAHDC, Leh 01982252010


    Public Information Officers Kargil

    S.No Name Designation Ph.No Fax Email Address
    office home
    1. Abdul Gafar Zargar  KAS Assistant Commissioner Revenue 9622140505 01985-



    DC Office Kargil.

    2. Abdul Hadi Chief Planning Officer Kargil 01985-23271 9419176367


    01985-232713 DC Office Kargil

    First Appellate Authority:

    S.No Name Designation Ph.No Fax Email Address
    office home
     1. Santosh Sukhadeve, IAS


    Deputy Commissioner/ CEO LAHDC Kargil   7889661600 01985-




    2. Ghulam Muhi-UD-Din Wani JKAS Addl. Deputy Commissioner 6005058518 01985-



    DC Office Kargil.

    S.No Names Designation Contact No
    1. Shri. Shrikant Balasaheb Suse IAS, Deputy Commissioner – 8275016521
    2. Shri Sonam Chosjor


    Addl Deputy Commissioner 9622113650
    3. Shri. Shabir Hussain Assistant Commissioner, Revenue 7006546765
    4. Smt. Nilza  Angmo Headquarter Assistant to Deputy Commissioner 9469336576
    5. Skalzang Chospa Accounts Officer to Deputy Commissioner 9419177762
    6. Phuntsok Angdu , Section Officer(Adm)- 9419889544


    7. Abdul Rouf, Head Assistant-


    8. Kunzang Dolma,


    Head Assistant  
    9. Kulsum Khatoon Head Assistant 9622239512
    10 Stanzin Dolma,


    Accountant 9797677280
    11 Rahim Ali,


    SADDAR Quango 9622965370
    12 Skarma Tashi Yangchan


    Mohasib 9622047764
    13 Nawang Dolma,


    Senior Assisatant- 9469198517
    14. Tsering Ladol Senior Assistant 8492832022
    15. Konchok Sherab Senior Assistant 09419850759
    16. Konchok Zangmo Senior Assistant 9906984553
    17. Tsering Diskit Senior Assistant 9469732499
    18. Sonam Dolma Senior Assistant 9469368771
    19. Gh.Haider Senior Assistant 9622955195
    20 Amjad Khan Senior Assistant 9596268574
    21 Phunchok Dolma Senior Assistant 9797476706
    22. Namgail Angmo Senior Assistant 9797545559
    23. Tsering Lamo Senior Assistant 9419657448
    24. Chemat Angmo Senior Assistant 9622381121
    25. Ishey Angmo Senior Assistant
    26. Stanzin Ladol Legal Assistant 9622068634
    27. Mipham Thestop Junior Assistant 9622046940
    28. Soanm Yangdol Junior Assistant 7051079931
    29. Sonam Stobgais Junior Assistant 8492076675
    30. Tsering Angmo Junior Assistant 9622913103
    31. Tsewang Otsal Junior Assistant 8082560885
    32. Sakina Bano Junior Assistant
    33. Padma Tsewang Junior Assistant 9596783627
    34. Stanzin Dawa Meta Junior Assistant 8494074165
    35. Stanzin Younzin Junior Assistant 7051074987
    36. Urgain Namdol Junior Assistant 8492074839
    37. Zahoor Ahmed Junior Assistant 9622047010
    38. Thinley Norbu Junior Assistant 9906978460
    39. Nargis Banoo Orderly 9622958066
    40. Jigmet Dorjey Orderly 9484032475
    41. Mohd. Ali Orderly 9622998331
    42 Tashi Tsomo Orderly 9622088576
    43. Tsering Tundup Orderly 7051154398
    44. Padma Dolker Orderly 9906999116
    45. Tsering Spaldon Orderly 7051123554
    46. Zara Khatoon Orderly 9622997900
    47. Dawa Dolma Orderly 8492832127
    48. Kunzang Takpa Orderly 9596735494
    49. Sonam Yangdol Orderly 8492977444
    50. Nilza Angmo Orderly 9622159655
    51. Tsering Dolker Orderly 6006499167
    52. Tsering Dolker Orderly 9541347131
    53. Rinchen Dolker Orderly 9622323642
    54. Padam Angmo Orderly 9797452770
    55. Padma Dolker Orderly 7051102579
    56. Fatima Bano Orderly 9797499861
    57. Farida Bano Orderly 9419312495
    58. Rigzin Yangdol Orderly 9797659233
    59. Tsewang Dorjey  I/C Election,  Naib Tehsildar 9469337119
    60. Iftikar Ali Election Assistant Senior 9797624448
    61. Rinchen Angchuk Election Assistant Senior 9469626030
    62. Rinchen Angmo Election Assistant, Junior
    63. Choezin Palmo Orderly 9469089722
    64. Tsewang Gyalson CEO 9906115505
    65. Sonam Tundup Statistical Officer 9622473459
    66. Jigmet Rabgais Statistical Assistant 9906245655
    67. Sheetal Bhagat Statistical Assistant 8082335352



    • S No Name of the officer/official Designation Contact No.
      1 Santosh Sukhadeve, IAS Deputy commissioner 7889661600
      2 Ghulam Muha-UD-Din Wani JKAS Addl.Deputy Commissioner 6005058518
      3 Abdul Gafar Zargar Assistant Commissioner Revenue 9622140505
      4 Aarifa Iqbal Lone Headquarter Assistant 9469707220
      5 Shamim Ahmad Wazir Account officer to Deputy Commissioner Kargil 7006880951
      6 Mohd Hassain NT Reader to DC 9419818866
      7 Skarma Gurmat Sr. Steno 9419177030
      8 Mohd Ibrahim AAO 9149763181
      9 Mohd Skinder Sr. Assistant 8082828539
      10 Kacho Mussa Ali Khan SO Revenue 9419880824
      11 Mohd Hassan SO Establishment 9469565065
      12 Mohammad SQ 8082513716
      13 Gulzar Hussain Head Assistant
      14 Mohd Ibrahim Sr. Assistant 9622346970
      15 Mohd Hassan SM 8494099881
      16 Mohd Towhir Jr. Assistant 9622679469
      17 Abass Ali Jr. Assistant 9469730314
      18 Zahara Batool Jr. Assistant 7051608509
      19 Mohd Murtaza Sr. Assistant 9469772851
      20 Nargis Banoo Jr. Assistant 8491801581
      21 Mohd Towhir Jr.Assistant 8493853534
      22 Habibullah CIC Opt 6005367189
    S.No Subject Status
    1 Disclosure of Information under Right to Information Act – 2005 Section 4(1)(b) Click Here to View Revenue Leh

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