Law and Justice

    The Department Law and Justice performs multifarious functions which are related to legal, administrative and dispensation of Justice in the Union territory of Ladakh.

    The main functions of the department are:

    1. Legal affairs: files relating to legal opinion received from different departments of the Administration of Union territory of Ladakh are examined and legal opinion/advice are tendered. Recommendations of various committees are also examined and agreements/MOUs and Deeds executed by the Administration of Union territory of Ladakh with different organisations/bodies/companies etc.. are examined and vetted from legal perspective.
    2. Judicial Affairs/Litigations: the matters relating to Union territory Ladakh Legal Services Authority, engagement of Standing Counsels, Public Prosecutors and Notaries, examination of proposals to file appeals including appeal against acquittal and Special Leave Petitions are the main functions of the department.
    3. Taking matters with the Ministry of Home Affairs for delegation of powers of the State Government under different Acts as per the requirement.
    4. Documents: Adaptation of Central and State Laws.


    The Law Department performs the following functions of legal and administrative nature:

    1. To examine various issues received from different Departments of the Administration of Union territory of Ladakh/Government/Corporations and to tender legal advice to the concerned Departments.
    2. To examine legislative proposals and to draft the same which include Bills, Ordinances, Notifications, Rules and Regulations etc.
    3. To draft agreements/deeds to be executed by the Administration of Union territory of Ladakhwith different Organizations / Bodies / Companies etc.
    4. To make all necessary arrangements for conduct of cases in different courts in which the Administration of Union territory of Ladakhor any of its departments/functionaries is a party.
    5. Standing Counsels for various Departments are also appointed by this Department so that timely advice/legal assistance is provided to the Departments for proper conduct of cases.
    6. Examination of the cases for filing of appeals, reviews and revisions and SLPs before the competent courts.
    7. To appoint Notaries in different Courts and to confer powers of executive magistrates on various officers of the Administration on the recommendations of Divisional Commissioners/ District Magistrates.
    S.No Name of the Officer/Officials Designation Mobile Number/ Email
    1 Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh Secretary, Law and Justice 7006132505
    2 Sh. Syed Muzamil Shafee Public Law Officer 7006603061
    3 Sh. Lobzang Angdus OSD to Secretary, Law and Justice 9469144166
    4 Sh. Jaffar Bin Rasool Assistant Law Officer 7006650470
    5 Sh. Stanzin Dachom Junior Legal Assistant 9906060676

    The Law Department is the Administrative Department for the following:

    1. High Court and Subordinate Judiciary.
    2. Legal Services Authority.
    3. Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals.
    4. Industrial/Labour Tribunal.
    5. District Litigation Office, Leh and Kargil.
    6. Standing Councils and Assistant Public Prosecutors.
    7. Notary Public.
    S.No Subject Status
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