Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Kargil evaluates FMD outbreak control measures in Drass.

    Publish Date: July 9, 2024

    Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Kargil evaluates FMD outbreak control measures in Drass.
    Kargil, July 09, 2024: To assess Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) situation in Drass Subdivision, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Kargil, Dr. Gulzar Hussain, on Monday visited Drass to evaluate current status of FMD outbreak and measures being implemented to control it.
    The CAHO Kargil had meetings with Block Veterinary Officer Drass, Dr Mohd Amine and the field staff who are actively working on the ground and discussed the current FMD situation.
    The BVO Drass gave a comprehensive overview of the FMD outbreak. It was reported that the situation is under control due to the diligent efforts of the entire field team.
    The team has been implementing rigorous control measures, including daily monitoring and treatment of affected animals in highland pastures. These measures have been effective in curbing the spread of the disease.
    BVO Drass informed that the field staff has been visiting the highland pastures every day to monitor the health of the livestock and administer necessary treatments.
    The BVO said that the proactive approach has been crucial in managing the outbreak despite the challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions. Their efforts have significantly mitigated the impact of the outbreak on livestock population.
    During the discussions, Dr Mohd Amine highlighted the need for additional protective equipment such as masks and gloves, which are essential for ensuring safety and health of the veterinary team while handling infected animals.
    The CAHO assured the BVO that the requested supplies would be issued promptly. He said health and safety of the field staff are of utmost importance, and they are committed to provide them with the necessary resources.
    The Chief Animal Husbandry Officer emphasized the importance of community awareness and engagement in preventing the spread of FMD during the discussion.
    Outreach activities will be organized to inform livestock owners about best practices for disease prevention in coming days and for that fund requisition shall be placed to higher ups.
    CAHO’s visit to Drass was insightful and reaffirmed the dedication of the veterinary team in controlling FMD outbreak. The disease is currently under control. He thanked the persistent efforts of the field staff.
    The CAHO said the request for additional protective gear and medicines issued without any cost has been noted and necessary actions will be taken to ensure safety of the team.
    He extended gratitude to BVO Drass and field staff for their commitment and hard work, saying their efforts are instrumental in safeguarding the health of livestock in Drass.
    CAHO assured that he will continue to support them with the resources and guidance needed to maintain control over the outbreak and prevent future occurrences.
    Later, the CAHO visited the old building of the Veterinary Complex that is to be dismantled soon for construction of the new block of veterinary hospital for which funds have been already released to the concerned executing agency.