GDC Kargil organizes lecture-cum-field visit on disaster management

    Publish Date: March 16, 2023

    Kargil, March 15, 2023:

    As a precautionary measure for tackling different hazards like landslides, flood and earthquake, the Department of Geology, Govt Degree College, Kargil today organized a day long lecture-cum-field visit for students of 6th Semester on Disaster Management and its preparedness and mitigation measures.

    On the occasion, Ali Wazir, Geology Mentor informed the students about the concept of disaster, strategies of disaster, pre disaster and post disaster measures.

    He also gave awareness to students about the anthropogenic activities which ultimately create disasters.

    He also highlighted the himalayan tectonics and the rock belts of Kargil district. During the field visit, Ali also threw light on granitic rocks found near Kabadi Nallah, Kargil.

    He said the the rocks are fractured which may lead to landslides if any seismic activity happens to which he added that himalayan region is seismically active and comes under seismic zone IV.

    Ali also spoke about the importance of geology in disaster management as it plays a vital role in studying the rock formation in depth.

    More than 100 students got benefited from the lecture-cum -field visit. The students showed keen interest in studying geographic phenomena like volcanism, tectonic activities, flooding and palaeontology.