GHS Bodhkharboo hosts spectacular band class demonstration with support from Indian Army.

    Publish Date: July 10, 2024

    GHS Bodhkharboo hosts spectacular band class demonstration with support from Indian Army.
    Kargil, July 09: In a remarkable display of musical talent and community collaboration, Govt. High School Bodhkharboo hosted a band class demonstration showcasing the skills developed by its students over the past three months.
    This significant event was made possible with the invaluable support of the Armies Five Bihar High Five Regiment.
    The demonstration, held at the school premises, saw enthusiastic participation from students, teachers, parents and villager of Bodhkharboo.
    Chief Education Officer (CEO), Kargil, S.D. Namgyal graced the occasion with his esteemed presence, further elevating the importance of the event. The student of the band class performed a variety of musical pieces, exhibiting the discipline, coordination and musical prowess they have developed under the dedicated guidance of their instructor and support of Indian Army.
    In recognition of the hard work and dedication shown by the student and the school, the CEO Kargil personally gifted Rs.50,000 to HS Bodhkharboo. This generous contribution is expected to further enhance the school resources and encourage more students to participate in extracurricular activities.
    The event not only highlighted the musical talents of the students but also underscored the spirit of collaboration between the Indian Army and local community.
    The presence and support of the Five Bihar Regiment played a crucial role in the success of this demonstration, showcasing the positive impact of such partnerships on the development of young minds.
    HS Bodhkharboo extended gratitude to the Indian Army, the CEO of Kargil, parents and all community members for their unwavering support. This event marks significant milestone in the school’s journey towards fostering holistic education and community engagement.